Local's Favorite Since 1988

Old Tavernier Restaurant and Lounge

Since opening our doors in 1988, Old Tavernier Restaurant has been a home away from home for all of us in the Upper Keys.

locals and tourists alike are still coming for fresh seafood, prime steaks, chicken, lamb, homemade Italian and Greek cuisine, or just great pizza in the bar. Everything is and has been from the bread to the desserts. Even our extra-virgin olive oil is from the the family's own olive groves in Southern Greece.

Those who were toddlers when we opened now have babies of their own still stop in to say "Hello!" and get a taste of their childhood.

Geoffrey Tomb wrote: "Scatter my ashes at Old Tavernier. But first, may I have a last meal?" We aren't asking for your ashes, but we will always invite you back for another meal.

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